From the Ludogorie region – Truffles, products with truffles...

Unique flavors for refined tastes

Black summer truffle/Tuber Aestivum

Ароматната гъба се открива в дъбови, липови и борови гори. са едри и с добри вкусови качества и специфичен аромат.

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White truffle/Tuber Magnatum

В България се откриват отлични екземпляри на бял трюфел, който е известен в целият свят със своя уникален вкус и аромат.

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Fresh truffles

Specially selected to guarantee excellent quality. Always fresh, stored in ideal conditions that retain their freshness.

There are three qualities on offer - washed and non-washed, packaged according to customer requirements and in compliance with the standards.

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Original /Indigenous/ Bulgarian products

Goat/Cow cheese, soft cheese with truffles. Authentic brined cheese with the addition of truffle and unique flavor and aroma.

Available in various cuts and packaging, as well as in olive oil. Patented brand of leading chef from Bulgaria.

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Mycorized trees

A wide range of Mycorized trees with black summer/autumn truffle. Quality guaranteed individual certificates and assurance for success.

Available in different sizes of root systems, patented containers for stimulating the development of young saplings.

The black diamond

Unique flavor and exquisite flavor

Since time immemorial, the truffle has been collected and consumed with its difficult unearthing making it unique thus spreading many legends about its strength and effects on body and soul.

The truffle is a strange underground tuber: it is considered the mystery of nature, the culinary black diamond, a gourmet product known for 4000 years. It has been on the table of numerous kings and rulers and is believed to be the food of gods. With its exquisite taste  and flavor the legendary aphrodisiac becomes a distinguished and desirable delicacy for modern successful people, bankers, actors and many others who had the opportunity to try the dishes of master chefs in high-class and trendy restaurants.

Добавяйки го към друг уникален продукт:  it becomes a culinary bomb, exploding in the mouth with countless spatters and sensations for authenticity and uniqueness, a mixture of taste and flavor accompanied by balanced daintiness and beauty. A combination that lasts for a long time, a feeling that stays for hours, a true gastronomic orgasm.